Gospel hour & Testimonies

With Princess ROY aka Princess of Heaven Fri:5pm-7pm

DJ LEXIS - Talk-home show

Tune in for Afro beats, fun time & celebrity interviews -Every Thursday between 4pm - 6pm.

Abrokyire Abrabɔ

Akɔkora Nana & Agya Kwabena look at vital migrants issues. Sat: 5pm-6pm


Akua Giselle brings you best of the 'hottest' old Afro tunes. Mon 7pm-8pm



'Agorɔ nie - Agorɔ nie'

Akɔkora Nana brings best of jokes/comedy to brighten your day. Sat: 3pm-4pm

the ONly one

Akosua Obroni presents the biographies of known musicians

women empowerment

Lady Nga brings educative women programme on Thursdays: 5pm -6pm

mpaso nkɔmmɔ

Obaapa hosts 'adult-only' sex education on Sat: 10pm -12 midnight

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Welcome message from Founder & CEO – Alex Ampaabeng

Dear Valued Guest,

Thank you for taking the step to visit us at this time. It’s our ultimate objective that you stay and become part of our ever growing global community. We exist to serve the community, and strive to broadcast educative, empowering and entertaining programmes at all times.

Sahara Radio UK has popular programmes such as Politics, Sahara Sports, Comedy hour, relationship issues, Life as a Migrant, Reggae time, Women empowerment, High Life Special & issues in the bedroom. Our Programmes have panel of experts who discuss popular African cultures and events as well as real life stories, legal matters and immigration issues. Please use the side menus to check the full list of our programs and times. With the wide variety of programmes available, I am sure we have something that meets your interest. On behalf of the Sahara Radio family, I warmly welcome you to our station and believe that today marks the beginning of a permanent relationship with you.

Alex Ampaabeng [Founder and CEO of Sahara Radio UK] .

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